3 Must-Have Promotional Tools for Your Next Trade Show

Attending a trade show is an excellent way to showcase your business and attract new customers. You can set up a booth to discuss your company’s product or service and show off what you have to offer. A trade show can provide you with an opportunity to interact with hundreds or even thousands of people […]

How to Get Financing for a New Inflatable Rental Business

Starting your own business and watching it grow and become successful can give you a deep sense of pride. If you have ever thought about starting your own company, you have many options. An inflatable rental business is a fun way to earn a living. You can rent inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses […]

5 Must-Have Inflatables for Your Next Fourth of July Event

If you work for a city or town government and you are responsible for planning a Fourth of July event for your community, you need to choose the right entertainment to make sure everyone has a great time. You want to offer fun activities that are appropriate for children and adults of all ages. You […]

Do You Need a License to Start a Party Rental Business?

Many people want to get out of the pattern of working a 9-to-5 job and would love the opportunity to run their own business. Being your own boss offers the flexibility to set your own hours and the freedom to run your business the way you see fit. If you are thinking about starting your […]

4 Things to Consider Before Starting an Inflatable Rental Company

Starting an inflatable bounce house company can be an exciting idea if you’re looking for some extra income and enjoy working with people. You could also be considering a larger investment and starting something a little more involved in the event space. Either way, you’ll be working with customers who need the offerings you have […]

For Regular Events, Buying Inflatables Can Save Money over Renting

Cities, towns, schools, and community organizations often sponsor events and celebrations for the public. Municipalities may plan carnivals every summer, fairs in the fall, and other events. Schools often host events for students and fundraising events to draw in the community. Churches and civic organizations may sponsor fairs and other events to raise funds and […]

How to Advertise Your New Restaurant with Custom Inflatables

If you are planning to open a new restaurant, the first few weeks are critical to your success. You want to attract customers and make a great first impression so people will be interested in what you have to offer and will keep coming back with their families and friends. You need to find ways […]

Can You Make Supplemental Income with a Party Rental Business?

Many people have full-time jobs but still struggle to make ends meet. Others are getting by but would like to have extra funds to buy a new car or a bigger house or to take vacations with their families. If one of these applies to you, finding a source of supplemental income can help you […]

How to Start Your Own Mud Run Fundraiser for Charity

Charitable organizations are always looking for ways to get members of the community involved and raise money. Mud runs have become popular vehicles to raise funds for charity. Participants register to compete in an event and race to conquer obstacles and make it to the finish line. The money from registration fees goes toward the […]