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Inflatable 5ks: How to Plan and Prepare for Inflatable Obstacle Races

Inflatable 5k races are becoming more and more popular all over the United States. People gather by the hundreds or even by the thousands to compete and see if they can complete the race. Inflatable obstacle courses are fun, family-friendly activities that can be used to promote events or to raise money for worthy causes. […]

Buy Obstacle Courses for Your Inflatable Rental Business

When people are planning parties for kids, team building activities, and other types of events, they often decide to rent inflatables to provide fun entertainment for all of their guests. Inflatable obstacle courses are popular because they offer the opportunity for people to compete against their friends, family members, or coworkers in physical activities. People […]

Design a Ninja Warrior Course with Inflatables

Ninja Warrior Courses include obstacles and physical challenges inspired by the popular television series. Participants must run, jump, climb, vault, and balance their way from one obstacle to another as they race to complete the tasks faster than their competitors. Obstacle courses are catching on and becoming a fun trend within the fitness industry. They […]

Rugged Warrior Challenge Inflatable Obstacle Course

An inflatable obstacle course is fun for kids and adults of all ages. You can rent one for your upcoming birthday party or any other special event where you want your guests to run, climb, and compete. The Rugged Warrior Challenge has seven modular units that you can combine however you choose to make it as easy […]

The Best Inflatables for Summer Parties and Events

Summer is coming up, which means that families, social organizations, and local communities are going to be planning all kinds of events. Summer is a popular time for birthday parties, carnivals, picnics, and other events that allow people to come together and have fun while enjoying the pleasant weather. If you run an inflatable rental […]

How Inflatables Can Help Keep Kids Active This Summer

Summer break is coming up, which means kids will have a lot of free time on their hands. Summer is a popular time for birthday parties, fairs, carnivals, and other outdoor events. If you run a company that provides entertainment for events for children, you can keep them active by renting inflatables. i2k sells many […]

How to Get Financing for a New Inflatable Rental Business

Starting your own business and watching it grow and become successful can give you a deep sense of pride. If you have ever thought about starting your own company, you have many options. An inflatable rental business is a fun way to earn a living. You can rent inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses […]

For Regular Events, Buying Inflatables Can Save Money over Renting

Cities, towns, schools, and community organizations often sponsor events and celebrations for the public. Municipalities may plan carnivals every summer, fairs in the fall, and other events. Schools often host events for students and fundraising events to draw in the community. Churches and civic organizations may sponsor fairs and other events to raise funds and […]

Can You Make Supplemental Income with a Party Rental Business?

Many people have full-time jobs but still struggle to make ends meet. Others are getting by but would like to have extra funds to buy a new car or a bigger house or to take vacations with their families. If one of these applies to you, finding a source of supplemental income can help you […]

How to Start Your Own Mud Run Fundraiser for Charity

Charitable organizations are always looking for ways to get members of the community involved and raise money. Mud runs have become popular vehicles to raise funds for charity. Participants register to compete in an event and race to conquer obstacles and make it to the finish line. The money from registration fees goes toward the […]