Service Bulletin
(please read in its entirety!)

All of the information in this document is important so please read the entire document to ensure you have a complete understanding of all requirements.

Thank you for your recent purchase of your i2k products! This Service Bulletin is designed and meant for you and your team members and/or maintenance department to take note and perform ongoing maintenance that is required of your i2k products with Zero Shock technology.
In an ongoing effort to maximize the life and safety of your inflatable attraction and its’ patrons, we may send out periodic bulletins that pertain to your inflatable attraction(s). The products described in this bulletin are listed below:

Air Bags/AirPads (any size)
Battle Zone
Big Baller
Cliff Jump
Cliff Jump Jr.
Daredevil Island
Deluxe Module Combo
FreeFall Double Jump w/Air Bag
The Jump Off
Jungle Gym
Jungle Swingz
Jump & Slide
Krazy Ladder
Leap of Courage
Leaps & Bounds
Quad Klimb
Rugged Warrior Challenge (Leap of Courage)
Shockwave Jr.
Stunt Jump

It is imperative that all patrons’ young and old DO NOT dive or land on their head or neck. Serious injury, paralysis, and/or death may occur if instructions are not followed. It is also imperative that patrons’ DO NOT jump feet first onto your inflatable attraction for risk of leg and/or ankle injuries.