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Gain some serious attention with whimsical i2k movers and shakers! These promotional inflatables are known by a variety of names, including fly guys, fly tubes, sky ticklers and air dancers. You know them as wacky roadside or trade show inflatables that bend and move in crazy directions to surprise and impress passer-by’s. They’re used for grand openings, sales events and new product launches to promote immediate brand awareness from an audience with a fleeting attention span (i.e. people driving or walking by your store).

We have a wide selection of this kind of inflatable advertising, including:

Fly guys – Sky ticklers – Tube dudes – Arrow dudes – Logo dudes – Air flames – Tubies

Not sure what type or size of Fly Guy to get for your event? Our promotional advertising department will work with you to determine the best choice for your situation and target audience. Our entire range of Fly Guys can be combined and custom made to feature your colors, logo and messaging.

We apply the same high quality design and construction to our fly guys as we do our huge helium blimps and inflatable sampling booths.  Check out more of our custom products! You won’t be disappointed.

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Leading the inflatables industry for nearly 30 years, we’ve developed a reputation for high-quality inflatable products, excellent service, and the ability to make your concept a reality.

We create custom branded inflatables for corporate and promotional events. Build instant brand awareness and engagement through our custom advertising inflatables! Our entire range of amusement inflatables can also be purchased with your company name and logo.

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