Inflatable Obstacle Courses for Parties and Team-Building

An inflatable obstacle course is perfect for parties, corporate events, trade shows and team-building exercises! All of our inflatable obstacle courses have a set objective, making them a great way to build team spirit and generate some fun competition. They also make a great addition to fun runs and mud runs!

These inflatable obstacles courses are made to be used! Keep your amusement rental and entertainment center customers happy by carrying inflatable obstacle courses that can sustain high use. We know that things tend to get competitive, so our obstacle courses are built with durability in mind. These courses can take a beating and still look and feel brand new.

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You’ll find obstacles courses at varying levels of difficulty, from gentle fun to extreme physical challenges! We have something to keep any age group happy, engaged and challenged.

Most of these units can be used as indoor or outdoor obstacle courses to suit every type of event. If you’re feeling ambitious, multiple units can be combined to create a mega obstacle course!  If you’ve ever watched popular obstacle course shows (such as American Ninja Warrior and Ultimate Beastmaster), you know how fun and challenging obstacle courses can be!

Buy a high-quality inflatable obstacle course that’s made in the USA and backed by our warranty!

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Amusement Inflatables

180 Degree Camo

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Amusement Inflatables

7 Element

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Amusement Inflatables

Black Ops


Amusement Inflatables

Boot Camp Aqua Extension

Amusement Inflatables

Boot Camp Challenge


Amusement Inflatables

Boot Camp Extreme


Amusement Inflatables

Dance n’ Dash


Amusement Inflatables

Delta Force 45


Amusement Inflatables

Rugged Warrior Challenge


Amusement Inflatables

Rugged Warrior Challenge Mega


Amusement Inflatables

Super 65′ Obstacle Course


Amusement Inflatables

The Sweeper Camo