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Inflatable costumes have the huge advantage of mobility. Rather than remaining tethered, like banners or promotional balloons, an inflatable costume (and the person inside) can move around the trade floor or fairground to make genuine, personal connections with your target audience.

People love posing and having their picture taken with inflatable costumes.  They’re a cost efficient, yet extremely effective, way to get people to notice and have fun with your brand!

If you want to create instant brand awareness and foster authentic interactions between your company and your customers at trade shows, charity events, franchise promotions, in-store sales, fundraisers and outdoor events, then inflatable costumes are right for you!

Our highly skilled and experienced designers will work with your marketing team to develop an eye-catching custom inflatable costume that’s most suited to your brand. We can make almost anything, from a walking inflatable replica of your product to an inflatable brand mascot.

Our inflatables are designed to be functional and comfortable in a wide variety of working conditions and in any climate.

The wearer simply attaches their feet to the Velcro straps inside the heavy duty rubber soled shoe bottoms, and steps in. After flicking the switch on, a balloon of air will inflate around the wearer. A fan and battery is built into the inflatable to keep the inside of the costume cool at all times! A clear view out of a front mesh window makes for easy navigation and clear communication.

Want something to compliment your roving inflatable costume? Consider getting a matching inflatable booth.

If you’re looking for larger tethered inflatables, take a look at our product replica inflatables and branded inflatable arches.

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Includes: Battery, Belt, Charger and Blower

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Leading the inflatables industry for nearly 30 years, we’ve developed a reputation for high-quality inflatable products, excellent service, and the ability to make your concept a reality.

We create custom branded inflatables for corporate and promotional events. Build instant brand awareness and engagement through our custom advertising inflatables! Our entire range of amusement inflatables can also be purchased with your company name and logo.

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