Branded inflatable tents, domes, flags and banners are simple and effective ways to attract attention instantly at a trade show, conference, or storefront! We know that you want the best bang for your buck. That’s why our tents, banners and flags are designed and manufactured to last, so you can use them again and again as a staple of your advertising product lineup. Our products will resist fading and peeling, even in the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions, so your advertising materials always look premium.

We apply the same level of expertise, experience and thoughtfulness to our tents, domes, flags and banners as we do our inflatable blimps, inflatable arches, inflatable product replicas, and inflatable costumes. When you order from i2k, you know you’re getting products that are expertly crafted to appeal to your target market.

Not Sure What Tent, Banner, or Flag to Buy?

Pop-up tents are simple and fast solutions for indoor and outdoor trade shows or fairs.

For a more traditional tent look, opt for one of our frame tents.

If you’re looking for a larger, 3D style branded tent, look into our inflatable tent solutions.

Promo Flags and Banners are ideal ways to make your tent or storefront really “pop” when advertising a grand opening, special product deal, or highlighting important information.

If you’re trying to keep cool at a sporting event or music festival, our misting tents are right up your alley.

We offer full-color digital printing on the majority of our vinyl advertising products.

As always, you’re encouraged to use our Promotional Advertising team to discuss your specific business goals and target messaging and markets in order to maximize the effectiveness of your inflatable.

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Leading the inflatables industry for almost 25 years, we’ve developed a reputation for high-quality products, excellent service, and the ability to make your concept a reality.

We create custom branded inflatables for corporate and promotional events. Build instant brand awareness and engagement through our custom advertising inflatables! Our entire range of amusement inflatables can also be purchased with your company name and logo.

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