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Become an Commercial Inflatable Rental Operator Now with These Startup Inflatable Combos!

Learn all about inflatables and how you can become a new business owner and entrepreneur. Inflatables are among the most popular items in the booming US amusement rental and entertainment center industries, and the party rental business is ranked among the top 10 most profitable business ventures in the country! Starting your own inflatable amusement rental business is fun, rewarding, and easy. Plus, if you have kids, it’s the coolest answer to: “What does your Dad do?”.

For a relatively small investment, you can start your own business renting inflatable jumpers, inflatable slides and inflatable obstacle courses to individuals, businesses and organizations.

Take a look through the inflatables listed below. These are the units we recommend most often for inflatable startup companies.

For further guidance on starting your own business, download a copy of our inflatable rentals business start up guide.

We also invite you to contact us to discuss your inflatables business. We’re happy to help you get started!

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