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At i2k, we take playtime extremely seriously. That’s why we never stop designing and developing new inflatables we know people will love. Keep your customers coming back by being the first to offer these innovative, demanding, exciting, hilarious and FUN inflatables at your amusement or family fun center!

Read more about i2k’s Unbeatable Standards of Safety & Durability

Every inflatable we invent is subject to our rigorous standards of durability and safety. At i2k, our guiding principle is providing our customers with creative, fun inflatables that are unrivaled in their reliability. That’s why we refuse to manufacture our products anywhere but our warehouse in the USA, where we can have full control over the development process.

i2k inflatables are made from the highest quality materials to maximize their lifespan and safety level, and to lower ongoing maintenance and lifetime costs.

Our commitment to safety is what led to the development of our i2k AirPad: a revolutionary safe landing system that uses individual air ‘fingers’ to maximize the comfort and safety of all kinds of jumpers. Our AirPad is used by amusement rental operators and family entertainment centers that want to provide their customers with the best fall protection system there is. It’s also used for industrial fall protection, stunts, sports, and trampoline park safety.

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Double Axe Throw


Amusement Inflatables

Connect 4 Basketball


Amusement Inflatables

Icy Hot 17’ Water Slide


Amusement Inflatables

Lil’ Stinka Jumper


Amusement Inflatables



Amusement Inflatables

Purple Haze 15’ Water Slide