Zip Line


Climb the stairs to the top platform and get attached to the Zip Line cable and experience the exhilarating thrill as you zoom down the Zip Line like you were Indiana Jones. Everyone loves flying through the air and anyone can do it.

Dimensions: 83′ x 12’6″ x 20′
Weight: 2,004 lbs.

A piece: 962 lbs, B piece: 356 lbs, C piece: 256 lbs, Pedestal 44 lbs.

Includes: (1) Sealed-air Zip line frame, (2) DIDA inflators, (1) 2-HP Blower, (1) Pressure Gauge, Steel braided cable, Trolley, Return rope, (5) Carabiners and T-bar handle, Stakes, Zero Shock™ Landing Mattress, Cold Air Staircase


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