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World’s Tallest Inflatable Water Slide

i2k has the world’s tallest inflatable water slide, the SkySlide, measuring over five stories tall. The SkySlide combines innovative technology, breakthrough design, and high safety standards to offer a thrilling experience for both children and adults.

The SkySlide combines two exhilarating rides in one inflatable attraction. It has a 30-foot vertical drop on one side and the extremely fast VertiGo Super Slide on the other. Both have a kicker at the bottom that launches riders high in the air. The SkySlide is sure to thrill even the biggest adrenaline junkie.

Safety is a top concern for i2k. We utilize our patented ZeroShock Technology in our i2k AirPads at the bottom of our inflatable water slides to make sure that riders land safely. This system was originally designed for Hollywood stunts and trapeze artists, but it is now used in games and attractions like the world’s tallest inflatable water slide. The IIAS allows designers to create taller slides and exhilarating attractions while ensuring that riders will experience less impact and safe landings.

The SkySlide has removable SureTread stairs made of impervious ABS plastic. They can withstand traffic from thousands of trampling feet before they begin to show signs of wear. This eliminates the traditional slippery foam stairs that often degrade quickly.

The world’s tallest inflatable water slide is easy to set up and tear down. The SkySlide has a Cylindrovator base design that allows the unit to be inflated and deflated in under 30 minutes with constant air blowers. The EZ Drain system redirects water for fast and easy draining.

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