King of the Mountain


When the operator blows the whistle, each participant grabs the rope and races to the top to be “King of the Mountain”! Each player bounces and jumps trying to make their opponent fall and eventually roll to the bottom of the unit.
Game can be played with 4-8 players but because safety is your first concern, please make sure that the number of players you have playing at one time is not too over crowded. You will find air flaps on the side of the mountain. These flaps control the air on the mountain. Having the flap entirely closed will make the mountain harder. Slightly open will reduce some of the air pressure. The amount of air depends on the number of participants.
Special Care: Your inflatable is made of a 15 oz PVC coated vinyl that can be washed (while inflated) with water and a mild degreaser. Allow unit to dry completely before packing it up so mildew doesn’t occur. Harsh cleaners or bleach should not be used, as they will damage the fabric over time.

Weight: 555 lbs.
Includes: Storage bag and Repair kit
Blowers sold separately

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