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Tight-Rope Walk


This is exactly the same high wire as they use in the circus except we use a rope instead of a wire. At 13ft high, the participant’s head is approx 18ft off the ground which is enough to give most people the willies when standing on the pedestal about to take that first step. Kids as young as 5 years of age have walked the wire. Our ZeroShock™ impact technology system ensures that when jumpers land on the AirPad below, their landing is both comfortable and safe.

Length: The rope walk is 23′ long and the total length of the rig is 55 ft which includes the two anchors at the ends to which the rig is anchored.
Width: The width can be as wide as the ZeroShock™ AirPad is and can vary depending on the design the customer wants. But is normally 29′ wide.
Height:  As high as the customer wants, but normally 13′ high.

We also offer a Low Wire option, which is available either with an air bag or without.

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