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How to Repair an Inflatable Bounce House


Inflatable bounce houses are designed to be durable, but heavy use can cause damage. Sometimes the material becomes torn or the stitching is ripped out. A damaged bounce house is not safe to use and needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

If you run a company that rents inflatables, you don’t want to send your bounce house away to be repaired and wait weeks to have it returned. You could lose a significant amount of money in rental fees in that time. This is why you should know how to repair an inflatable bounce house yourself. Fortunately, it is a fairly simple thing to do.

How to Patch a Bounce House

If the material in your bounce house is torn, you can repair it with a patch. You can purchase a vinyl repair kit or use the one that came with your bounce house. A vinyl repair kit has patches made from tough material that can resist punctures and tears and an adhesive that will bond to the vinyl in your bounce house. A vinyl patch is transparent and does not need to be matched to the color of the bounce house. A patch will resist oils and damage from the sunlight. It is also waterproof and will not come off if the material in the bounce house is stretched.

Before you start working, clean the damaged area with an alcohol pad. Cut a patch the same size as the hole or tear with a pair of scissors. Firmly press the patch over the torn area and let it dry before using the bounce house.

How to Sew a Bounce House

If your bounce house has visible cross-weaving that has become damaged, you can repair it yourself. You will just need rubbing alcohol, a strong needle, and a piece of heavy thread.

Start out by inflating the bounce house to keep the damaged part smooth so you can repair it. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Then sew the torn area back together with a needle and thread. You should only use this method if the bounce house has visible cross-weaving, not if it is smooth.

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Renting inflatable bounce houses is an excellent way to earn extra money and have fun. If you know how to repair a bounce house yourself, you will be able to operate your business with very little downtime. i2k sells a variety of bounce houses with bright colors and fun themes that are popular with young children. Look through our selection and place your order today.

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