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Inflatable Fun for Toddlers

inflatable water slide for toddlers safe for kids of all ages summer game

Toddlers are full of energy, so you need to find a way to let them exercise and have fun while keeping them safe. i2k has a wide array of inflatable attractions specifically designed for toddlers. These inflatables can be used at a backyard party, daycare, church event, playground, or anyplace else where toddlers will gather to play.

Toddler inflatables are safe and exciting activities for young children. We produce a complete line of colorful, safe, and fun jumpers and bounce houses designed with young children in mind. They are designed to engage young kids in fun activities that will encourage them to be active and exercise for hours.

Our toddler inflatables are fun for both girls and boys. We offer many themes, including gyms, trains, Princess palaces, farms, and oceans. You can rent Animal Kingdom, Chopperville, Fun Express Train Station, Laugh N Learn, Little Builders, Mickey Park Learning Club, My Little Farm, Princess Palace, Rescue Squad, Splash Island, and many other fun interactive inflatables that are sure to delight toddlers at your party, daycare, or special event.

Children will be well protected while playing on toddler inflatables. The games are easy to set up and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Kids will have a great time jumping, climbing, sliding, and crawling through tunnels for hours. i2k has a wide selection of inflatable games to delight both girls and boys. Contact us today to reserve an inflatable attraction that will be sure to thrill the toddlers at your school, playground, or party.

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