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Rent a Jump N’ Slide Inflatable for Your Party or Event


Interactive inflatables can make a child’s birthday party, carnival, fair, or other event fun and memorable for kids of all ages. i2k rents many inflatable games and obstacle courses that are popular with children. One favorite is Jump N’ Slide.

This inflatable game combines three activities that kids love: climbing, jumping, and sliding. This large blue and green inflatable is similar to i2k’s Shock Wave game, but it has a smaller footprint.

Kids start out by climbing the blue stairs to a platform. After they get there, they can either jump into the first Zero Shock jump zone below or choose to climb even higher by taking a set of stairs to the top platform. Once they get to the top, kids can slide down the huge blue slide and land safely on an i2k AirPad.

Safety is a top concern for i2k, so we use the best technology to ensure safe landings. Our patented ZeroShock system ensures that all kids are completely safe when playing on a Jump N’ Slide inflatable. This system can let your kids land as softly as they would if they were jumping into water.

If you are looking for a unique and exciting way to liven up your upcoming birthday party or other event, you can make it fun and special with an inflatable attraction. Jump N’ Slide is sure to delight kids by encouraging them to be active and get the exercise they need while having a great time.

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