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Rugged Warrior Challenge Inflatable Obstacle Course

inflatable obstacle course rugged warrior challenge 180 degree for adults and kids
inflatable obstacle course rugged warrior challenge 180 degree for adults and kids

An inflatable obstacle course is fun for kids and adults of all ages. You can rent one for your upcoming birthday party or any other special event where you want your guests to run, climb, and compete.

The Rugged Warrior Challenge has seven modular units that you can combine however you choose to make it as easy or difficult as you want:

• The corkscrew unit has large corkscrew tunnels side by side. Warriors must climb through the tunnels to advance to the next stage of the competition.

• The A-frame unit has two red balls hanging from an inflatable A-frame structure. Challengers navigate between the balls or use them to knock over their opponent. They have to jump or swing across on the ball and rope or fall in the inflatable moat filled with water, foam, or ball-pit balls.

• The tire run has 15 inflatable tires that challengers run through like a drill at boot camp.

• If warriors make it through these first three obstacles, they have to take a leap of courage. Challengers must climb to the top of a jump tower and leap onto the Zero Shockfree-falll air bag waiting below. Inflatable “fingers” safely cushion their landing.

• The sweeper unit has a series of pop-ups that contestants must navigate around. Players must also jump over a sweeper beam as it rotates. The corkscrew, tire run, and sweeper units have mesh and inflatable sides for maximum visibility.

• Next, challengers must climb a boot camp style climbing net and slide down to the end.

• For the final challenge, contestants must scale a steep cliff using handles and avoid the moat-style pits on either side.

If all of the units are combined, the Rugged Warrior obstacle course stretches 131 feet. If you don’t have that much space, you can create a U-shaped obstacle course. Contact Inflatable 2000 today to reserve your Rugged Warrior Challenge.

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