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Tips for Starting an Inflatable Rental Business

Starting an inflatable rental business can be a lucrative and fun career move. It is also a lot of hard work and requires a significant investment of time and money. The investment can definitely pay off in the long run, but it is important to understand what is required.

A lot of work goes into transporting, setting up, and maintaining inflatables. They need to be cleaned and sanitized and may need to be thoroughly dried after it rains to prevent mold and odors. You may also need to send them out for repairs from time to time.

You will need to purchase some bounce houses or other inflatables from a supplier or manufacturer. You can start out with a small number of amusements and add more as the business grows.

You will need to buy or rent a truck or trailer to transport the inflatables. You should also buy a dolly to move them around at the locations where you will be working.

You will need to hire support staff. If you plan to rent inflatables for several parties or events at the same time, you will need people to transport, set up, monitor, and put away the inflatables. You will also need someone to answer the phone, take reservations, and handle billing and supply issues.

You will need a place to store the inflatables when they are not being used. Make sure the space is big enough for the amount of inflatables you have now and will give you space to grow the business in the future. The space should be able to keep the equipment clean, dry, and safe from animals.

Choose the legal structure you want for your inflatable rental business. You can establish a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company. Forming a corporation or limited liability company will offer protection if someone gets injured. Check the requirements in your state. Obtain any necessary licenses and permits and have any required inspections performed.

Get liability insurance so you will be protected in case there are any accidents. General business insurance will pay for the cost of repairs if the equipment is damaged. Talk to an insurance agent about the amount of coverage you need. Some states set minimum insurance requirements if an inflatable business is classified as an amusement park.

Draft a rental agreement setting the terms and prices for inflatable rentals and addressing issues of liability. Have it reviewed by an attorney.

Advertise your rental company’s services with a press release, ads in the phone book or local publications, a website, and social media. Print business cards and fliers. Put the company’s name and phone number on the inflatables so the information will be visible to guests at events.

Budget for all of your up-front costs. This includes the cost of the inflatables themselves, transportation, fans and accessories, repair kits, staff to run the business, and advertising to draw in customers. It may take time to earn back all of your initial investment.

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