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Features to Look for When Buying Inflatables for Your Rental Business

Inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses, and other amusements are popular for children’s birthday parties, fairs, carnivals, and other types of parties and events. Inflatables are fun, require very little planning and organization on the part of the people organizing the event, and do not leave a mess to clean up.

Owning an inflatable rental business is an excellent way to earn money and to have fun while doing so. In order to have a successful rental company, you need to choose the right inflatables to rent to customers. Whether you decide to buy bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, or interactive inflatable games, you need to make sure your products are made from quality materials so they will last and will be safe. Here are some tips on what to look for when you are deciding which inflatables to buy for your party rental business.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

You want to choose inflatables that are made with quality materials and will be durable. Inflatables take a lot of abuse with people climbing and jumping on them, and you don’t want them to be easily damaged because you will need to spend money to repair them and will not be able to earn money renting them. Ask questions about the materials, craftsmanship, and warranty.

Safety Features

You should also be concerned about the safety of guests at the parties where you will be providing inflatables. With people jumping and climbing on the inflatables, there is the potential for accidents and injuries. These can be minimized by making sure the inflatables that you buy have safety features to prevent falls.

Your inflatables should have high safety walls, mesh on the sides, non-slip surfaces, netting at the entrances, and anti-jump tubes. Make sure the seams on any inflatable you buy are well sealed so they do not come apart. If you are going to purchase a water slide, it should have an integrated water system and drainage valves glued on to reduce water buildup.

Easy to Set up and Transport

The inflatables that you buy should be easy to set up, transport, and store since you will be moving them from one location to another, possibly several times in one day. Look for units with inflation tubes, deflator zippers, and storage bags to make them easy to carry.

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