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Inflatable Mascots: Buy Your Team an Inflatable Costume for Games & Events

Athletic games are exciting events that draw in thousands of fans who want to cheer their team to victory. People in the stands get excited not only by the action on the field or the court, but also by the mascots on the sidelines. A mascot can get a crowd fired up and cheering, which can motivate the team to compete harder and win the game.

Why You Should Buy an Inflatable Mascot Costume

If you are a coach or manager for a sports team, you should have a mascot who can motivate the crowd and the team. A mascot in a colorful costume can entertain fans and make the game more fun for both kids and adults who are spectators.

A mascot costume should be bright and colorful. A mascot can be any type of character, including a human figure or any type of animal, or even a fictitious creature that you invent.

i2k can create an inflatable mascot costume for your team. An inflatable costume is comfortable to wear and easy to move in so your mascot can run around and entertain the crowd.

How an Inflatable Costume Works

Putting on an inflatable costume is easy. You simply need to step into the costume, put your feet in the rubber-soled shoes, attach your feet to the Velcro straps, turn on the switch, and zip it up. The costume will inflate around you with a fan and battery attached to a backpack. The fan will constantly circulate fresh air to keep you cool. i2k also offers a cool vest option for hot climates. You will be able to see out of a front mesh window.

Order an Inflatable Mascot Costume from i2k

i2k can create a custom inflatable mascot costume in any shape and color. We can create an animal, a person, or whatever other type of mascot your team has chosen.

Having a mascot is an effective way to get a crowd cheering at a game and motivate players. A mascot is fun and entertaining for fans and can help promote a sense of team spirit. Contact i2k today so we can get started on designing an inflatable mascot for your sports team.

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