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How to Prevent Bounce House Injuries

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When they are set up and used correctly, bounce houses can be safe and fun places for children to play at birthday parties, fairs, and carnivals. However, if they are set up incorrectly or not used as intended, children can get hurt. Sprains, broken bones, and head injuries have occurred when children were playing in bounce houses that were set up improperly or not secured adequately, too many children were playing at once, or rules were not followed. If you own a bounce house rental business, it is important to follow proper safety procedures to prevent injuries.

Setting up a Bounce House

If you are setting up a bounce house outside, make sure it is on a level surface. Set it up in a location where there will be open space on all sides. If you are setting it up on a hard surface, there should be a soft surface near the entrance and exit. Remove any rocks, sticks, or any other objects that could interfere with the safe use of the jumper. Make sure the bounce house is clear of any trees or power lines.

When setting up a jumper indoors, make sure the ceiling is several feet higher than the top of the bounce house. It should not be set up near walls. If the bounce house is set up on a hard floor, put a soft surface near the entrance and exit.

Rules for Safe Use of a Bounce House

A bounce house should only be used by children six years or older. An adult who has been trained in bounce house safety should supervise children at all times. It is best to limit use to one child at a time. If multiple children are going to use the jumper at once, they should be approximately the same age and weight.

Have children remove their shoes and any glasses, jewelry, or sharp objects in their pockets. Children should never be allowed to engage in any rough play, wrestling, tumbling, or flips in a bounce house. If the jumper starts to deflate, have all children leave until the problem is corrected.

How to Have a Successful Bounce House Rental Business

Bounce houses are fun and safe for children when used correctly. If you follow these safety tips, you can prevent injuries and have a safe bounce house rental business.

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