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Custom Made Inflatable Water Slides: Custom Slides from i2k


Companies of all kinds host special events to attract customers and make names for themselves. Businesses can sponsor grand opening events and special promotions to attract customers. Cities and towns can put on events such as fairs and carnivals for local residents. Amusement parks can host events with special attractions and activities to draw in new customers.

How to Make Your Event Special

When planning these types of events, businesses want to do something different to catch people’s attention and make them want to check it out. One way to draw in visitors of all ages is to offer fun activities that are perfect for both children and adults. An inflatable water slide is an excellent way to draw people to an event and make sure they have a great time. A water slide can be set up outdoors in warm weather so people can climb to the top, race to the bottom, and cool off on a sunny day.

Where to Order a Custom Inflatable Water Slide for Your Event

i2k sells inflatable water slides in a wide array of styles for special events. We offer slides in a range of heights to provide thrills for both kids and adults. Many of our inflatable water slides allow two people to race each other to the bottom for some friendly competition. We offer slides with fun themes, such as Life’s a Beach and Log Jammer.

i2k can even customize an inflatable water slide for your event. We can decorate the slide with your company’s name or logo so everyone will see it and immediately know who is responsible for the fun event. This can be an excellent way to build brand recognition and make sure participants remember your company when they think about how much fun they had at your event.

Order a Custom Inflatable Water Slide from i2k Today

A custom inflatable water slide is a fun branding tool that can make your event memorable for your guests. Whether you are planning a fair, carnival, grand opening, or another type of special event, an inflatable water slide can help you make sure everyone has fun. i2k can decorate a water slide with your company’s name or logo so everyone will see it when they look up at it and remember your company long after the event. Contact i2k today to order a custom inflatable water slide.

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