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Custom Inflatable Misting Tents for Festivals and Events

inflatable tent custom made for blue2

During the summer and early fall, people gather for many types of outdoor events. Thousands of people often come together for fairs, carnivals, and outdoor concerts and music festivals. Those events are held in the summer and early fall because the weather is often warm and sunny. That makes it pleasant to spend time outdoors, but after a while, people begin to feel the effects of the heat and want to cool off.

How to Help Guests Stay Cool at Your Outdoor Event

If you are planning an outdoor event during warm weather, you want your guests to be able to keep cool. In addition to offering bottled water and other cold beverages, you can set up inflatable misting tents throughout the venue.

A misting tent is a tent that people can stand under to cool off. It gently sprays cool and refreshing water down on the people who stand beneath it. A misting tent is a simple and effective way for people to beat the heat and cool off so they can head back out and spend more time enjoying the festivities.

Misting Tents Can Prevent Heat-Related Illness

Setting up misting tents can help you keep people at your event safe and healthy. Spending hours outdoors in the heat can lead to heat stroke, which can cause people to faint and experience other problems. Sometimes people do not realize that they are suffering from heat stroke until the problem is serious and life-threatening. When people collapse from the heat, they may need to be rushed to the hospital in ambulances. By having misting tents available, people can cool off whenever they need to, which can prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by the heat.

Where to Order Custom Inflatable Misting Tents

i2k sells misting tents that are perfect for county fairs, carnivals, outdoor music festivals, and other types of events that are held outdoors in warm weather. You can set them up in a variety of locations spread throughout the venue and encourage people to take advantage of them if they start to feel worn out from the heat. This is a simple way to make sure that people stay comfortable and healthy and are not overcome by the heat. i2k can customize your inflatable misting tents with a logo or the name of the event or the sponsoring organization. Order misting tents from i2k for your outdoor event today.

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