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How Windy Is Too Windy to Set up Inflatable Jumpers and Slides?

Inflatable Bounce House Deluxe Module Combo wet/dry slide
Inflatable Bounce House Deluxe Module Combo wet/dry slide

Children love to jump in bounce houses and race down inflatable slides at backyard birthday parties, fairs, carnivals, and other types of events. When using inflatables, safety should always be a top priority. Inflatables are generally safe, but in certain weather conditions, they can be hazardous. Serious injuries have occurred from the use of jumpers and inflatable slides in unsafe conditions.

How to Tell If It Is Too Windy to Use Inflatables

One of the greatest dangers when using inflatables is wind. A strong gust of wind can pull the stakes anchoring a bounce house or slide out of the ground and send it flying through the air with people on it. Inflatables should never be used if winds are higher than 20 miles per hour.

If you own a party rental business that sets up inflatables for parties and events, you need to monitor the weather conditions in the area where you will be working. Check the forecast before you set out for the day and again after you arrive. If conditions become too windy, you should stop the use of the inflatables immediately and take them down to prevent injuries.

You should have a hard-and-fast policy cancellation policy for safety reasons. Explain this clearly to your customers when they call to rent inflatables. Let them know that inflatables can be dangerous when used in windy conditions and that you are looking out for the safety of the children and adults at the event.

Renting inflatables is an excellent way to generate income and have fun, but you must always take safety seriously. You have a responsibility to keep guests at parties and events safe. That means that you should not allow inflatables to be used if conditions are too windy. Using jumpers or inflatable slides in windy conditions can lead to serious injuries. Under the right conditions, inflatables are generally safe.

Where to Order Jumpers and Slides for Your Party Rental Business

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