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Event Coordinators: Make the Case for Inflatables at Your Next Event

inflatable arch with custom branding for Petco
inflatable arch with custom branding for Petco

Event coordinators have a unique role in business. They are central to planning things like product launches, trade shows, conventions, parties and more. Success at those various events is dependent on this employee making the right decisions about locations, dates and entertainment. With that much on their plate, having some go-to options that draw attention and please crowds is important.

Inflatables are a great option that’s loved by everyone. Because they are typically large, soft and unique, they can easily draw crowds and add interaction and gameplay.

If you’re an event planner and need to make a case for getting inflatables at your next event, here are some tips.

Best Bang for Your Buck

One of the important things to remind decision makers about when discussing inflatables is that purchasing an inflatable to use for an event isn’t limited to only that occasion. Consider the fact that an inflatable replica of your product or archway with your company logo on it could be used on everything from a tradeshow floor to a press conference or other event to let attendees know exactly where you’re located.

Increased Engagement

Nothing makes an event more successful for a business than good audience engagement. When it comes to fostering brand loyalty and recognition that quality time they spend engaged with you at events is critical. With inflatables,you have a fun way to attract and get potential and current customers involved and learning more about what you have to offer. Consider an interactive or team-building challenge that will make you the talk of the show for days later.

In today’s competitive market, it’s important for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Fun 3D creations do just that.

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