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Make Your Grand Opening Memorable with Inflatables

inflatable arch with custom branding for Petco
inflatable arch with custom branding for Petco

Few more important opportunities exist for a business than its grand opening. This is the occasion to make a memorable impression on potential customers and drive brand loyalty. Those who must plan these events have a huge responsibility to fulfill. From picking the right location, to creating an event that displays the company’s vision, there is a lot of work to do. If you’re in the midst of planning your grand opening, consider the benefits of having inflatables at the event to make it memorable.

Here are some inflatable marketing options to consider.

Inflatable Booths

Typically used for trade show floors, giant inflatable booths are sure to grab attention. Whether it’s something custom designed with your product and logo or just something bright and eye-catching, you’ll have visitors coming to check it out. While you have their attention, think about setting up a sampling of our offerings or some giveaways to keep potential customers engaged and learning more about you.

Game Inflatables

If there’s one thing people love when attending an event, it’s the chance to play games, compete and win prizes. Consider having a custom inflatable game set-up at your grand opening that tests the audience’s knowledge of your products and services or challenges them to understand the problems you can solve. In addition to increasing brand awareness, games will leave a lasting impression for customers to remember you over the competition.

Product Replicas

Nothing says in-your-face advertising quite like a giant inflatable product replica that can be seen from miles away. Nothing signals people to come over and check you out, or makes them more aware of what you offer than seeing the actual product towering above. This is a unique and effective marketing tool and a first impression you’ll definitely want to make.

Inflatable 2000 specializes in creating and designing custom solutions to meet your marketing needs and budget. In addition to skilled designers who can help design something that will get people talking, we’ll work with you to create just about anything you can imagine. Contact us today to find out more or get a quote.

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