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How to Advertise Your New Restaurant with Custom Inflatables

inflatable custom games for mcdonalds advertising and burger themed event
inflatable custom games for mcdonalds advertising and burger themed event

If you are planning to open a new restaurant, the first few weeks are critical to your success. You want to attract customers and make a great first impression so people will be interested in what you have to offer and will keep coming back with their families and friends. You need to find ways to attract the attention of people who happen to be driving by and make them want to stop in at your restaurant.

One way you can do that is with custom inflatables. You can set up a variety of custom inflatables outside your new restaurant to capture people’s attention and draw them in. Inflatable 2000 offers a variety of inflatables that can be customized for your new restaurant.

Inflatable Shape

If your restaurant has a distinctive logo associated with it, Inflatable 2000 can create an inflatable shape. We can make a giant version of your restaurant’s logo that can be set up in the parking lot or right outside the door to catch people’s attention as they are passing by. They will be interested in seeing what you have to offer on the menu inside your restaurant.

Inflatable Arch

If you are planning a grand opening event, you can welcome people to your restaurant with a giant inflatable arch. People will walk through the arch as they head to the front door and will see your restaurant’s name and logo decorating the arch. Both children and adults will be excited to enter your restaurant as they pass through the arch.

Fly Guys

You can capture the attention of people who are walking or driving by with inflatable Fly Guys set up outside your restaurant. They move in the wind and dart back and forth. Fly Guys can immediately catch the eyes of people in the vicinity and make them want to stop in at your new restaurant.

Custom Blimp

If you want to attract customers from farther away, you can advertise with an inflatable blimp. It can soar in the air above your restaurant so people can see it from far away. They will look up and immediately see the name of your restaurant and want to stop in with their families or friends.

Promote Your Restaurant with Custom Inflatables from i2k

i2k offers many types of custom inflatables that are perfect for advertising a new restaurant. You can draw in new customers and make them excited to eat in your restaurant by advertising with inflatables. Contact i2k today to order a custom inflatable shape, arch, Fly Guys, or a blimp.

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