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For Regular Events, Buying Inflatables Can Save Money over Renting


Cities, towns, schools, and community organizations often sponsor events and celebrations for the public. Municipalities may plan carnivals every summer, fairs in the fall, and other events. Schools often host events for students and fundraising events to draw in the community. Churches and civic organizations may sponsor fairs and other events to raise funds and give back to the local community.

At these types of events, organizers are always looking for ways to keep people, particularly young children, entertained. One way to do that is to set up inflatables. An inflatable bounce house, slide, or obstacle course is the perfect way to encourage kids to have fun and make sure they enjoy the event.

Why You Should Buy Inflatables for Regular Events

Renting inflatables can be expensive, particularly if you sponsor the same event every year. The cost can quickly add up and can take up a sizable chunk of your annual entertainment budget.

If you sponsor the same type of event every year, a better solution is to buy the inflatables. That can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. You will be able to own the inflatables and store them in a shed or garage so they will be available whenever you need them. Then you will not need to worry about finding a company to rent inflatables and paying for the same things each year.

Where to Buy Inflatable Bounce Houses, Slides, and Obstacle Courses

i2k sells a wide variety of inflatables that are perfect for community events. We offer bounce houses with several fun themes and bright colors to appeal to kids and keep them entertained for hours.

An inflatable slide is a fun activity for kids. i2k sells both wet and dry slides that can be set up at carnivals, fairs, and school events. Kids love to climb to the top and race their friends, siblings, and classmates to the bottom.

An inflatable obstacle course can keep older kids, including teenagers, entertained at an event. i2k sells obstacle courses with a variety of challenging obstacles, including some with military themes. An inflatable obstacle course can allow contestants to show off their skills and endurance and embrace their competitive spirit.

Order Inflatables for Regular Events from i2k

Owning inflatables is a much more cost-effective way of providing entertainment at regular events than renting them every year. If your town, school, or organization plans annual events and you know that you want to set up inflatables every year, it makes sense to buy them rather than to rent them each year. Look through the selection of inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses at i2k and place your order today.

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