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4 Things to Consider Before Starting an Inflatable Rental Company

Starting an inflatable bounce house company can be an exciting idea if you’re looking for some extra income and enjoy working with people. You could also be considering a larger investment and starting something a little more involved in the event space. Either way, you’ll be working with customers who need the offerings you have for their events. That may involve setting up or working directly at these events. Before you start an inflatable rental company here are a few things to consider.


Things to think about when purchasing the inflatables is whether or not repairs will be pricey, how durable the materials are that they are constructed of and how reputable the dealer is you’re buying from. Don’t forget to do your research and be sure you’re getting quality even if it means investing a little more upfront, it will be worth it in the long run.


While there is a lot of opportunity for growth in the industry, there are also some risks. Weather is typically outside of our control, and if you’re planning on having inflatables that are used outdoors, you’ll have to factor in an “off-season” or the chances of rain and other outdoor conditions affecting your ability to create an income.

Social Skills

As mentioned before, the rental industry is one that’s very customer-focused. Even if you aren’t working side by side with the venue, you might be interacting with attendees or responsible for the logistics of using an inflatable at the event so having great people skills and being able to easily navigate through social settings will make the experience of owning an inflatable rental business a more pleasurable one.

Understanding the Industry

As with any business, you can only succeed with a grasp of the market. It’s important to do some research and understand who your competition is, what your growth potential is in the area you’ll be serving and other specifics about each type of inflatable rental business to make it work for you.

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