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How To Plan an Awesome Outdoor Party for Fall

Helium Balloons for Parties and Special Events
Helium Balloons for Parties and Special Events

Most people think summer is the best season for parties. You can host as many people as you want outdoors, there’s less mess in the house to clean up afterwards, and the pool keeps things fun. But some of the best get-together’s happen in the fall and winter seasons. Not only are holidays a great reason for family and friends to come together, but fall is also a great time to enjoy the outdoors without needing to be in a bathing suit.

If you’re planning a fall party, here are some ideas you’ll want to include.


Nothing matches better with the crisp fall air and dropping temperatures than getting a bonfire going. Consider creating a safe place in your backyard to light a fire where people can sit around to drink cider, make s’mores and converse.


No party is complete without the food. Perhaps you kissed the hotdogs and burgers goodbye at your Labor Day picnic. In that case, your outdoor fall party should serve comfort foods like roasted veggies and brats and seasonally themed items like apple cider and pumpkin pie.


Think about activities that go well with the season. Instead of water balloons and sprinklers, your fall party should have apple bobbing, pumpkin carving and acorn tosses. The best parties are the ones where laughs and memories are made. Keep this in mind as you’re planning what you’ll do at your event.


What is outdoor fun without a bounce house? Any party that takes place outdoors should include a fun inflatable for kids and even adults to enjoy. There are an array of options on the market today from smaller kid-friendly bounce houses to inflatables that challenge teams to work together or compete.

The Vortex is one example of an inflatable that’s great for all ages and that will make everyone playing laugh uncontrollably. Test your speed, skills and agility as you run around the Vortex. Check it out below:

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