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How To Sell Inflatables at Your Party Rental Store

hot air balloon
hot air balloon

Party rental services have helped countless families to survive the stress involved with throwing a big bash for milestones in their child’s life. These locations help with everything from providing tables and chairs for an event, to grills and popcorn machines. One product you might want to push to your customers who are having big parties with kids are inflatables. The bouncing, fun action of these air-filled apparatuses guarantees fun at any event.

But how do you convince buyers that inflatables are exactly what they need to rent for their next event?

Here are some reasons to highlight.


Renting inflatables makes the out of pocket cost more reasonable than having to spend several hundred to purchase one for a one-time event. From this standpoint, and the fact that it will keep kids entertained, the affordability factor can’t be ignored. The price is also something to compare to having other entertainment booked for the party as those options may cost more.


Anyone who has been to an event where inflatables were offered knows just how much fun it brings for kids and adults. The range of options from obstacle courses to fun houses and even animated characters that kids are familiar, with make inflatables a go-to option.

Easy set-up and take down

The last thing anyone wants to do after a day of entertaining and hosting is clean up the mess. Offering to set-up and take down inflatables for customers takes the labor-intensive tasks off their list and makes opting for a bounce house or other inflatable a no-brainer.

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