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Win at Event Marketing with Inflatables

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Event marketing is a tactic that promotional teams are holding on to today because it is effective in helping a brand to be remembered. In today’s cut-throat market where standing out to the fickle consumer is harder than ever, finding a way to resonate with people and get them loyal to your brand is vital. With event marketing, plans are made to specifically create a unique experience that people will remember.

Things like giving away prizes and swag gear with company logos, or running a contest, have gotten attention at events in the past, but today people are looking for something more.

Inflatables are a great way to stand out.

Why Inflatables

Before you can tell potential customers about your products and services and hope they’ll care, you have to connect with them. Event marketing gets you out in front of customers, face-to-face and connecting. But to make a lasting different today, you must first offer them a reason to come get engaged.

Inflatables are unique, easy to spot and spark interest. You can have a giant inflatable sign or you can set up a fun ball pit or obstacle course that few will be able to pass up the chance to come and check out.

Custom Options

Working with a provider who can offer you a custom inflatable with your company logo or a replica of your product will turn heads and get you recognized and remembered. That’s key for marketers today looking to win customers and grow capital.

Other options to increase brand awareness with inflatables includes banners, inflatable booths, and archways. If you’re really looking to wow there are also tons of options for slides, obstacle courses, jumpers and more.

Wrapping up

So wrapping up, getting event attendees to your both is easier when there is a giant inflatable they can see from miles away drawing them to you. Chances are they’ll probably also remembered your logo when it was plastered in front of them 5 feet into the air. And most importantly, an interactive fun inflatable will get people to experience a thrill they won’t forget.

At Inflatable 2000 we offer tools that can help you stand out at your next trade show. Our inflatables attract attention and we can assist you from conception & design to proper placement. Contact us today.

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