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How To Use Inflatable Banners to Promote Your Business or Event


Show promotions are a huge part of business success. Any company attending an event, setting up a booth, or running a special, knows that signage is a perfect way to let people know you exist. For this reason, lots of work goes behind designing logos and booths for events.

A great way to promote your business or event is to use inflatable banners. These can easily be used for pop up events and draw in shoppers due to their unique, bold appearance.

Here are some ideas for how you can use inflatable banners.

Use Anywhere

Inflatables aren’t just a great idea when you need something big and bold to attract foot traffic. They’re also a great marketing option on table tops and in entryways. This keeps costs low for smaller businesses who may not have the budget for extremely large inflatables but still offers the same attractive display.

For large corporations, inflatables are great for quick pop-up signage or a place to display current promotions and specials.

Going to a trade show? Why not let foot traffic know where you are and what specials they’ll receive by checking out your booth with an inflatable they can see from aisles away?


Branding opportunities are also critical for businesses looking to make their mark. Most consumers feel drawn to companies they can relate to or that they’ve heard of before. Branding opportunities on TV and in print can be pricey, and may never reach your target audience. Forward-thinking businesses are using inflatables as a way to get their name noticed and remembered.

Entice Buyers

Running a special promotion in your store and need to get people inside to tell them about it? Why not rent a fun large inflatable display to put outside that draws their attention and gets them in the door so you can work your selling magic?

Delivering the right messaging at just the right time is critical for successful marketing campaigns. With inflatable banners, you can put a promotion on display just about anywhere.

The ability to effectively promote your products and services is what makes inflatable banners an important tool in your marketing arsenal.

Check out the wide selection of custom designed promo banners at  Inflatable 2000. Ranging in many sizes to meet varied marketing needs, these banners will take your promotions to a new level.

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