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Outdoor Advertising Tips: How To Grab Your Audience’s Attention

If you run a business that relies on having customers stop in without appointments, such as a restaurant, a store, or a car dealership, you need to make sure they can spot your business and feel compelled to visit. You want prospective customers who happen to be in the area to immediately recognize your business, to know what you have to offer, and to want to stop by. In order to catch people’s attention, you need to advertise.


Outdoor Advertising Strategies

The simplest way to catch people’s eyes is to have a large, colorful sign displayed outside your business. It can simply have the name of your business, or it can include a picture of your logo or mascot or a catchphrase.

You can also advertise with inflatables. They are a fun and effective way to catch the attention of people as they walk or drive by and to make them want to stop in and check out what your business has to offer. Inflatable 2000 can create custom inflatables to help you promote your business.

How to Advertise with Inflatables

You can catch people’s attention by setting up Fly Guys, inflatables that dance in the air. They are especially popular at businesses like car dealerships and stores that are having special sales and promotions. The movement of the Fly Guys will be sure to catch people’s attention as they are passing by on the street. They will look to see what is being advertised and may decide to stop in at your business. Inflatable 2000 can customize Fly Guys with your company’s name and logo or with human-like faces or arrows to guide people to your business.

Another way to capture people’s attention is with an inflatable tent. These are popular at events like fairs, carnivals, and music festivals where large groups of people gather outdoors. You can set up a tent to talk to visitors, hand out free samples, and invite guests to enter contests to win prizes. Inflatable 2000 can create a custom tent decorated with the colors of your choice and your company’s logo to build instant brand recognition.

If you want something even bigger that can be seen from miles around, you can choose to fly an inflatable blimp over your business. This can be adorned with your company’s logo so that when people look up they will instantly see the name of your business. A helium blimp can be an effective marketing tool if you are looking to make a bold statement.

Order Custom Inflatables from i2k

i2k can create these and other types of custom inflatables that you can use for your outdoor advertising campaign. Inflatables can grab people’s attention, create a fun atmosphere, and make people feel relaxed. Inflatable 2000 can create custom inflatables that can help you attract new customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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