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5 Must-Have Inflatables for Your Next Fourth of July Event

the patriot bounce house with trucks, stars, and stripes
the patriot bounce house with trucks, stars, and stripes

If you work for a city or town government and you are responsible for planning a Fourth of July event for your community, you need to choose the right entertainment to make sure everyone has a great time. You want to offer fun activities that are appropriate for children and adults of all ages. You can find plenty of fun entertainment options for your Fourth of July event at i2k.

The Patriot Bounce House

The Patriot bounce house is perfect for a Fourth of July event. Young kids will enjoy jumping and bouncing in the inflatable jumper decorated with a giant monster truck and a checkered flag. The Patriot bounce house is also decorated with stars and stripes so you can show off your city’s patriotism at your July 4 celebration.

Bungee Bull

Inflatable 2000 offers Bungee Bull for teenagers and adults to have fun at your July 4 party. Contestants ride on a padded foam bull while four other people pull on bungee cords to try to throw the bull rider off and onto an inflatable mattress. Bungee Bull includes steel work, a padded bull, bungee cords, ropes, and a blower. The inflatable base is decorated with stars and stripes for a patriotic July 4 theme.

Gladiator Joust

Gladiator Joust is another fun game that you can set up at your Fourth of July party. Two players stand on pedestals and battle it out with oversized joust poles as they attempt to knock each other off and onto the inflatable red, white, and blue mat below.

Speed Pitch with Cap

Baseball is a favorite American pastime. You can celebrate the Fourth of July with the red, white, and blue Speed Pitch with Cap. In this interactive inflatable game, participants throw a pitch as fast as they can and measure their speed with a radar gun.

Double Lane Surf N Slide with Pool

The weather can get hot in the summer. Let the guests at your Fourth of July event cool off with the Double Lane Surf N Slide with Pool from Inflatable 2000. Participants can glide 32 feet down the slide to the pool at the end.

Order Inflatables for Your Fourth of July Celebration from i2k

The Fourth of July is coming up soon. If you are still working on making arrangements for a holiday event for your city or town, i2k sells bounce houses, slides, and interactive games that are perfect for a patriotic summer event. Order inflatables for your July 4 party from i2k today.

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