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How to Choose Age-Appropriate Inflatables for Your Rental Business

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If you want to start an inflatable rental business, you need to figure out what type of customers you want to appeal to so you can buy the right inflatables. You can choose from bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, and other products, but they are not all right for every age group. You will need to choose inflatables that are appropriate for one or more age groups and market them accordingly.


If your goal is to rent inflatables for young children’s birthday parties, bounce houses are the best choice. Other inflatables may be hard for young children to use. Bounce houses are low to the ground, so it is easy for young children to climb in and out of them. They are simple to use and do not require skill and coordination. Bounce houses are available in a variety of fun colors and themes that are popular with young kids. You might also want to try a simple obstacle course for young children.


If you also want to rent inflatables for parties and events for older children, you can buy some inflatable slides. You can choose either water or dry slides or both so you have some that can be used in any season. You can also buy slides that allow multiple children to go down at the same time so kids can compete with their friends and siblings.


Bounce houses and slides may not appeal to teens. If you want to target high school students for parties and special events, you will need some inflatables that let them compete with each other. You can choose sports games or obstacle courses to appeal to teenagers.


In order to successfully rent inflatables, you need to target one or more specific age groups. You should have inflatables that are designed to appeal to children of a particular age. This will help you market your business effectively to attract customers.

i2k sells bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, and inflatable games that are designed for children of all ages. No matter which age group you are appealing to, we have all the attractions you need to make your business a success. Look through our selection and contact us to place your order today.

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