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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Used Commercial Inflatables

As any adult who’s been to a child’s birthday party can attest, bounce houses and other inflatables are a big deal. So much so, in fact, you might consider purchasing one for your family’s own enjoyment.

If you’re new to inflatables, you’re bound to make mistakes – mainly, you might buy a used commercial model without realizing why this is a poor decision. Keep these factors in mind:

 Excessive Use

A commercial bounce house has likely gone through hundreds of parties like those you’ve been to. In fact, the structure might have been rented out multiple times per week, over a period of several years. As a result, its structural integrity breaks down: The seams are less secure, and the material is more likely to have holes or weak spots.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t notice these areas until you inflate the bounce house at home, and by that point, it’s too late to return it.

You Don’t Know Its History

Compounded to the point listed above, you aren’t familiar with its history, particularly its safety record. Along with excessive wear and tear, the inflatable could’ve been recalled, and unless you did your research into the model, this’ll be something you’re not aware of. As a result, the buyer is essentially selling you an unsafe product.

Little to No Guarantee

When you purchase an inflatable new, it comes with a warranty. When used, the product’s warranty may have already expired. Should damage occur, the company won’t refund you, or if you reach out, you’ll be told the product is past its prime.

A Blower Isn’t Included

When you purchase a bounce house or other inflatable, the system has two parts: The structure itself and the blower, which inflates it. Without this secondary component, the product can’t inflate, so you need to shell out more to purchase a separate blower. If you’d been considering a used inflatable, paying more for this component makes the transaction less of a deal and more of an inconvenience.

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