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How to Choose the Right Inflatables for Your Rental Business


Starting an inflatable rental business can be a fun career move that can help you earn a good living while still having plenty of free time. Inflatables are popular with kids and adults for birthday parties and events all over the country and at all times of the year. If you are interested in starting an inflatable rental business, one of the most important decisions you need to make is what types of inflatables to buy when you are starting out.


Inflatable games and attractions fall into several categories. You can choose to invest in bounce houses, combo units (bounce houses with slides), inflatable slides, water slides, obstacle courses for children and adults, and inflatable sports games.


One of the main factors that will drive your decision at the beginning will be your budget. Inflatables are not cheap, so you need to choose your investments wisely. You want to select the inflatables that are the most likely to be popular with kids and adults so you can earn enough money to pay for them. As your company becomes successful, you will most likely be able to afford to buy more inflatables and expand.

You want to choose the inflatables that are the most popular and the most likely to be in demand. Bounce houses tend to be the most likely to be rented, followed by combo units, slides, water slides, inflatable games, and obstacle courses.

The types of inflatables that you choose to buy will also depend to some extent on the location you are serving. For example, if you are operating your business in a region with a hot climate, water slides will be a good choice so people can keep cool. If you work in a colder region, water slides will probably be less popular with your customers.

You should choose a mix of inflatables for your rental business. Since bounce houses tend to be the most popular, you should have at least one, or more if you can afford them. You can also invest in one or more combo units to start, and possibly a slide or water slide if there is still room in your budget.

i2k sells bounce houses, combo units, slides, obstacle courses, and inflatable sports games that are popular with children and adults. If you are starting out with a new inflatable rental business, choosing the right attractions is critical. Contact us today to learn about the many inflatable activities we have to offer that are perfect for your business.

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