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How to Start an Indoor Inflatable Business

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Inflatables are popular with kids for birthday parties and special events, but setting them up outside can be problematic at times because of the weather. It can be difficult to haul inflatables around in the rain, strong wind can make using them dangerous, and in the winter it can be too cold for kids to enjoy playing outside. One way to get around this and have a lucrative year-round inflatable business is to set it up at an indoor location.


You can open an indoor inflatable franchise location or create your own business. If you are considering a franchise, do your research to find out how established and successful the business currently is, how it is run, how much support you would get from the company, and what your role and responsibilities would be. Also make sure you are clear about how the pricing works and have a good idea of how much money you would make.


Choosing the right location is critical to the success of your indoor inflatable business. You will need a large building with an open floor plan and high ceilings. You want to set up your business in a place that will be convenient for parents to take their kids after school or on the weekends. Pick a location that is in an area close to where children live or go to school. A location near a community center, shopping mall, and popular restaurants can also be a good choice.


Figure out which age group you want to target. Inflatables are most popular with young children, although you can also choose to set up inflatable obstacles courses for teenagers and adults. However, targeting one particular age group can make your business more lucrative. If you set up your inflatable business to appeal to young children, you can have other activities and amenities, such as a lounge with free Wi-Fi, for adults and teens.


Another thing to consider is which inflatables to choose. You might need to start out with a small number and then get more as your business grows. Themed inflatables are popular with young children, but you may need to bring in new ones from time to time to keep things fresh and to make kids want to come back.

Choose quality inflatables made with durable materials. Make sure they have a warranty that covers defects in manufacturing. Inflatables need to be repaired periodically because of wear and tear, so factor that into your budget. You should have some extra inflatables on hand so you will have something to set up when one is being repaired, rather than having an empty space.


i2k sells bounce houses, inflatable slides, combos, obstacle courses, and other attractions that are popular with both children and adults. An indoor inflatable business can be a great way to have fun and earn money year-round, regardless of the weather. If you would like to buy some inflatables for your indoor business, contact us today to learn about the many attractions we have available.

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