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Design a Ninja Warrior Course with Inflatables

Ninja Warrior Courses include obstacles and physical challenges inspired by the popular television series. Participants must run, jump, climb, vault, and balance their way from one obstacle to another as they race to complete the tasks faster than their competitors. Obstacle courses are catching on and becoming a fun trend within the fitness industry. They are popular with both adults and children.

i2k offers several types of inflatable obstacle courses that you can combine however you wish to create your own Ninja Warrior Course. You can mix and match your favorite design elements to create a unique course with the right level of difficulty for your contestants.

Our Rugged Warrior Challenge includes several components to test the strength and determination of your participants. You can incorporate The Cliff, The Sweeper, A-Frame, Tire Run, Corkscrew, Leap of Courage, and Rope Climb Slide to challenge participants in your Ninja Warrior Course.

If you would like to let several contestants compete at the same time so more people can participate, try the 3 Lane Mega Thrill. Three contestants can race through the obstacles at once, which can allow more people to enjoy the thrill of competition as they race head-to-head.

For an array of challenges in one inflatable, try the 7 Element. Racers start out by diving through a wall, squeeze through a pillar wall, run around inflated side posts, crawl through tunnels, scale more walls, and then race out the back.

If you would like a military theme for your Ninja Warrior Course, i2k has several options. Contestants will enjoy competing in Black Ops, Boot Camp Aqua Extension, or Boot Camp Challenge.

A Ninja Warrior Course is an excellent way to test the skill, speed, and coordination of contestants at your party or special event. If you would like to design an inflatable obstacle course, contact i2k today to learn more about the many exciting options we have to offer.

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