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Play Bubble Bowling at Your Party or Event

Inflatable games are a great way to make a party fun and encourage guests to exercise and engage in some friendly competition. i2k rents many inflatable games for parties and events.

Bowling is a fun game that both children and adults enjoy. People love to roll a ball down the lane and try to knock down all the pins. If you don’t live near a bowling alley or just want to make the game more interesting, try Bubble Bowling.

i2k rents Bubble Bowling spheres that can let you and guests at your party become human bowling balls. Participants can climb into the sphere, run down the alley, and try to knock down the pins and get a strike. This game is fun for kids and adults of all ages and skill levels. For two games in one, add our four-foot steel bowling ball for Human Bowling.

The game includes an inflatable lane, leaf blower, blower, sphere, headgear, knee pads, and six five-foot-tall bowling pins. The inflatable bowling alley is 40 feet long and 17 feet wide, and the sphere measures seven feet in diameter.

If you are planning a party or event, make it fun with an inflatable game. Bubble Bowling is an excellent choice for kids and adults. Guests at your party will have a blast becoming human bowling balls as they race down the inflatable lane and compete to see who can knock down the most pins. Contact i2k today to reserve your Bubble Bowling game.

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