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Inflatable Bounce Houses with an Ocean Theme for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Flipper Dipper (Bounce House)
Flipper Dipper (Bounce House)

The ocean is a popular theme for children’s birthday parties. Kids love to pretend to be pirates and mythical sea creatures. If you are planning a child’s birthday party with an ocean theme, i2k has inflatable bounce houses that are the perfect choice to make the event special.

The Adventure Galley inflatable bounce house is ideal for a pirate-themed children’s party. Your guests will go overboard for this bounce house shaped and decorated like a pirate ship, complete with masts, waves, portholes, and even a skull and crossbones. Kids can celebrate a birthday with a high seas adventure in this exciting bounce house.

The Flipper Dipper is another fun inflatable bounce house with an ocean theme. Mermaids and mermen can have fun jumping in this inflatable bounce house decorated with friendly dolphins and blue and white waves.

Jumping in a bounce house with friends is tons of fun for young kids. An inflatable bounce house is a great way to encourage kids to exercise while having fun. A bounce house combines fun with healthy activity and is the perfect choice for a child’s birthday party.

If you are planning a birthday party with a pirate or ocean theme, the Adventure Galley or Flipper Dipper bounce house is a perfect choice. Both are designed with safety and durability in mind and are constructed with only the highest quality 15 oz. lead-free materials. Contact Inflatable 2000 today to learn more and to reserve an inflatable bounce house for your child’s birthday party.

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