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Promote Your Business with an Inflatable Costume


If you make a strong visual impression, the public and potential customers will remember your company, product, or mascot and be more likely to think of you when they need whatever it is that your company has to offer. One of the best ways to make a strong impression is by sporting an inflatable costume.

i2k has a full line of inflatable costumes to build instant brand awareness. We can create a custom inflatable costume featuring your company’s mascot, product, or logo that will be sure to attract and delight passersby. Our inflatable costumes have been on display at grand openings, trade shows, charity events, franchise promotions, in-store sales, fundraisers, and outdoor events to draw attention to companies and the products and services they offer.

Our custom-made inflatable costumes are comfortable to wear. They include heavy-duty rubber-soled shoe bottoms, screen mesh, a viewing window, an internal battery-powered inflation fan with waist belt, two 12-volt high-powered batteries (one to use while the other is charging), a rapid charger, a storage case, and instructions. They are designed to allow the wearer to remain active in any climate all day long.

Setting up an inflatable costume is easy. Simply attach your feet to the Velcro straps inside the rubber-soled shoes, step in, turn on the switch, and zip the zipper. The balloon will inflate, and the fan will force air in continuously to keep you comfortable. A cool vest option is available for a very hot climate. You will have a clear view out of the front mesh window to navigate safely.

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