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Inflatable Military Decoys: Military Inflatables for Training & Deception


In a military operation, success depends on many variables, including the number of troops and the amount and types of weapons each side has. Success on the battlefield can also be achieved by outsmarting the enemy. Throughout military history, generals have tricked their opponents in order to gain a strategic advantage.

How Inflatable Decoys Can Deceive the Enemy and Help with Training

Many ruses have been used on the battlefield. One that is popular and effective is using inflatable replicas of tanks, aircraft, and trucks to confuse the enemy. Inflatable military decoys can be placed in strategic locations to make a force appear larger than it really is or to make the enemy think an army is concentrated in one area, when in reality forces are planning an operation in another location.

Inflatable military decoys can also be used in training. Commanders and troops can practice movements and operations and can plan how they will respond in situations they may encounter on the battlefield.

i2k Can Create Realistic Military Decoys

i2k can create inflatable replicas of tanks, aircraft, and other vehicles that can be used to confuse the enemy. Our inflatable decoys look realistic when seen overhead or from a distance on the ground and can confuse the enemy into overestimating the size of a force.

Inflatable decoys can be positioned in one area to make it seem as though a force is located there so the commander can plan an operation somewhere else and have the element of surprise. This strategy can be an effective way to deceive the enemy, conceal movements, and launch operations when and where they are not expected. Using inflatable military decoys can increase the likelihood of success and reduce the risk to military personnel. Inflatable military decoys can also help in training exercises.

i2k can work with all branches of the military to create realistic inflatable decoys that closely resemble real tanks, aircraft, and military vehicles. Contact i2k today to learn more about our inflatable military decoys.

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