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Sports-Themed Inflatables for Sale: Games & Jumpers

Sports-Themed Inflatables for Sale: Games & Jumpers
Sports-Themed Inflatables for Sale: Games & Jumpers

If you run a business that rents inflatables for birthday parties, school and corporate events, and other functions, you want to appeal to a diverse group of people. You want to offer inflatables that will be fun for children, as well as teenagers and adults. In addition to bounce houses for young kids, you have many other options for older participants. i2k offers several types of inflatables with sports themes to appeal to all ages.

Hippo Chow Down and Football Banners

Hippo Chow Down is a fun, interactive game. Four players are hooked up to bungee cords. When the referee blows the whistle, they race from a starting wall to the center of the game, retrieve balls from a pond, and race to their starting positions to put them in mesh bags. The objective is to be the player to collect more balls than anyone else. i2k also offers Hippo Chow Down football banners for a football-themed party.

Sticky Soccer

Sticky Soccer is another fun sports game from i2k. In this unique variation on foot darts, contestants can take turns kicking soccer balls to make them stick to the backdrop to score points. This game is fun for children and adults of all ages.

Sports Arena Bounce House

The Sports Arena inflatable bounce house features several sports: basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. This colorful bounce house is decorated in red, blue, green, and yellow to stand out at any event. The Sports Splash bounce house is made with high-quality 15 oz. lead-free materials.

Leaps N Bounds

Leaps N Bounds lets participants test their jumping skills. Challengers have to leap over four giant inflatable balls to get to the other side. i2k lets you transform your Leaps N Bounds with sports ball covers. You can choose a basketball, tennis, baseball, or soccer theme.

Speed Pitch

For competitors who want to test the strength of their arms, i2k offers Speed Pitch with Cap. Children and adults can throw a baseball and have their speed measured by a radar gun to see who has the fastest pitch.

Order Sports-Themed Games and Jumpers from i2k

Inflatables with sports themes are popular with kids and adults of all ages. i2k offers many fun inflatables that can let participants test their speed and athletic skills at birthday parties, fairs, carnivals, and other events. Order sports-themed inflatables for your party rental business today.

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