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Advertise Your Business with a Helium Blimp

advertising blimp for goodyear tires
advertising blimp for goodyear tires

A helium blimp floating in the air can be an excellent way to promote your business. When people look up, they will see the blimp decorated with your company’s name and logo and will instantly think of your product. Blimps delight both children and adults and can be

an effective form of advertising that can reach a wide audience.

Blimps Made with Durable Materials

i2k creates custom helium blimps manufactured with polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) fabric. The PVC material is designed to be durable. It is 18 mil thick, much thicker and stronger than the materials many other companies use for their blimps. A UV inhibitor in the fabric prevents fading. The coloring is in the material, not a coating, which also reduces the likelihood of fading.

i2k Can Create a Custom Blimp

We can decorate a custom blimp with artwork created using urethane-based paint. The paint is flexible and becomes a part of the balloon. It will never crack, peel, or wrinkle. Since the paint is applied digitally, the lettering and logo will match perfectly.

We can help you design a custom blimp to advertise your business at a special event. You can choose a white, yellow, red, blue, or green body or a custom color for an additional charge. You can also choose a tail fin in one of 27 colors. Our new rigid fin design has less wind drag than the inflated fin design some other blimps use. Harness ropes and a 125-foot tether line are attached to the blimp. A five-foot inflatable hose, repair kit, and instruction manual are also included.

Blimps Can Be Used Indoors and Outdoors

i2k makes blimps in a range of sizes that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Our 13-foot blimps are ideal for indoor events such as trade shows and can also be used outdoors in some circumstances. Our 17-foot and 20-foot models can be used both indoors and outdoors. A 13-foot blimp can handle a 15 mile per hour gust of wind, a 17-foot blimp can handle a 20 mile per hour gust, and a 20-foot blimp can stand up to a 25 mile per hour gust.

Order a Blimp from i2k

helium blimp can draw attention to your company at a trade show, festival, concert, or any other type of indoor or outdoor event. With many design options available, you can have a unique blimp that will help your company stand out from others. To learn more or to get help with designing a blimp, contact i2k today.

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