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How Are Residential and Commercial Bounce Houses Different?

inflatable jumpers residential or commercial jumper
inflatable jumpers residential or commercial jumper

Inflatable bounce houses fall into two main categories. There are residential bouncers that are sold to parents who want to set them up in their yards for their children, and there are commercial jumpers that are sold to companies that rent them for parties and special events. Residential and commercial bounce houses differ in terms of the way they are made and how long they last.

Materials Used for Residential Bounce Houses

Residential bounce houses are usually made of heavy-duty nylon or polyester oxford, which is also known as oxford cloth. Nylon is often used for large residential bounce houses because it is stronger than polyester. Nylon bouncer materials are given weight classifications that measure their density. Fabric with a higher density is stronger and more durable.

Even though heavy-duty nylon is stronger than polyester, it is not always the best choice. Nylon is mildew-resistant, but it can also absorb more water than vinyl or polyester oxford. This can make it difficult to tell if the bounce house is really dry before it is put away. Putting a bouncer away damp can lead to mildew.

Polyester oxford is sturdy, but oxford cloth used in bounce houses is slightly less durable than nylon. Oxford cloth is chosen because it has a lighter weight, is more water-resistant, and is more resistant to sagging. The main disadvantage is that if oxford cloth rips, it cannot be repaired and the bounce house must be replaced.

Both nylon and polyester oxford are good materials for residential bounce houses, but they need to be reinforced. They can be strengthened with 600D nylon or heavy PVC.

Commercial Bounce Houses Are More Durable Than Residential Jumpers

Commercial bounce houses are much heavier than residential jumpers, even if both are the same size. Commercial bounce houses are usually constructed with heavy-duty PVC vinyl to make them stronger and resistant to tearing. This also makes them heavier, more difficult to set up, and impractical for residential use. Manufacturers use PVC of varying weights to make commercial bounce houses as light as possible.

Commercial PVC bounce houses are easy to clean, waterproof, and able to support other features, such as inflatable slides and obstacle courses. Since they are made of more durable materials, commercial bounce houses can last longer with frequent use and are more appropriate for rental companies than residential bounce houses.

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