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Customer Service Tips for Your Inflatable Rentals & Events Business

inflatable game new gladiator joust for inflatable rental business
inflatable game new gladiator joust for inflatable rental business

In any business, customer service is critical to the success of the company. Business owners and employees need to meet or exceed their customers’ expectations and always provide excellent customer service, or people will go somewhere else. That is just as important in the business of renting bounce houses and other inflatables for parties and events as it is in any other field. If you run an inflatable rental company or are thinking about starting one, here are some tips to help you provide top-notch customer service.

Respond to Phone Calls and Emails Promptly

The first thing you need to do is make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Nobody wants to call a business and get transferred, put on hold, or leave a voicemail and get no response. Have someone available to answer the phone during normal business hours. If that is not possible, make it your policy to check your voicemail often and to respond to messages as quickly as possible.

Many customers prefer to interact with businesses through email. Post your customer service email address on your website, flyers, and business cards and have someone in your office who can read and respond to messages promptly.

Show up on Time

There is nothing worse for a parent than having a group of impatient and disappointed children at a birthday party. If you schedule an appointment for an inflatable rental, make sure you show up on time. Confirm the address and other details the day before, at the latest. Make sure you have directions and a phone number where you can reach the person renting the inflatable if you get lost. Give yourself extra time in case you hit traffic or run into other unforeseen circumstances.

Take Care of Your Inflatables

Make sure your inflatables are always clean and in good condition. Clean them between each use and make any necessary repairs. The quality and cleanliness of your inflatables is the first thing people will notice and will determine their opinion of your company.

Work with Customers to Resolve Problems

Problems will inevitably arise. They may be related to the types of inflatables offered, scheduling, billing, or other issues. Listen to what the customer has to say. Often a customer will start out angry but will calm down and feel better after having the opportunity to vent. Then you can reach a solution. Always stay calm and try to resolve the situation in a way that will make both of you happy.

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