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3 Unconventional Ideas to Help Promote Your Business or Startup

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If you own a business or startup, you know that advertising is critical to your success. You may have several competitors in your area who offer similar products or services, so you need to find a way to make your business stand out. That means you may be looking for some unconventional but effective marketing strategies. Inflatables could be the solution.

Welcome People to Your Grand Opening with an Inflatable Arch

If you recently started your business, you should have a grand opening event to kick things off and encourage new customers to come and see what your company has to offer. You can incorporate inflatables into the event. You can set up a giant inflatable arch with your company’s name and logo to welcome people to the grand opening and build instant name recognition. The inflatable arch will be the first thing people see when they arrive at your grand opening and the last thing they see when they leave after having a great time. This can leave a lasting impression.

Have Your Mascot Greet People in an Inflatable Costume

If your company has a well-known mascot, you can have an inflatable costume made so someone can dress up as the character at your event. The mascot can walk around at the celebration, greeting attendees and posing for pictures. This is a fun way to engage with customers and build brand recognition. People will be sure to remember an inflatable mascot they had the opportunity to interact with at an event.

Offer Free Samples at an Inflatable Booth or Kiosk

If you plan to offer free samples of your products at your promotional event, you can set up an inflatable sampling booth or kiosk. This can provide people with a fun place to go to see what your company has to offer. The sampling booth or kiosk can be decorated with your company’s name and logo to attract attention.

Contact i2k to Order Custom Inflatables to Promote Your Company

i2k creates many types of custom inflatables that you can use to promote your business. These are just a few ideas that you can use to attract customers, get them interested in your company’s products, and make sure they have fun and remember your business in the future. Contact i2k today to learn more about our inflatable arches, costumes, sampling booths, and other custom inflatables.

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