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Indoor Amusement Park

inflatable amusement park

A Fabulous Partnership

Like most businesses Bounce Empire started as a dream, one shared between two brothers trying to create an indoor amusement park like no other. We imagined a facility filled to the brim with indoor inflatables for everyone of all ages with massive variety to keep everyone coming back for more, but that was all it was… a dream. That was until I found Inflatable 2000 inc. (I2K) whose immense quality selection of enormous inflatables allowed Bounce Empire to become a reality. From that day forward our partnership with I2K with their industry-leading, selection, quality, safety, and customer service was solidified.

Amazing Selection:

When I first saw I2K’s website I was blown away by the selection of inflatables offered, over 250 distinct varieties from towering slides to sprawling obstacle courses. All of these inflatables regardless of size look incredible and each creates its own theme which was exactly what Bounce Empire was looking for. From our variety of purchases, my favorites have got to be The Vortex, a massive running bowl to race your friends in, the King of the Mountain, which is a fantastic zone control game to play with your friends, and finally Leaps and Bounds 4 Ball which puts everyone’s ninja skills to the test. Regardless of what you are looking for, I can almost guarantee that I2K has an inflatable for you.


What truly sets I2K apart is their unyielding devotion to quality. Each of these numerous inflatables is made with super durable polyvinyl chloride fabrics which are made to last, a refreshing change in a market of cheap copies. Each inflatable is stress tested to make sure quality is never compromised, ensuring maximum strength and longevity. Furthermore, I2K offers a 2 Year warranty on all new inflatables making all of their products a safe investment for anyone.


At Bounce Empire safety is essential, making safety standards a priority when choosing our inflatable manufacturers. Once again, I2K stepped up with industry-leading safety standards following all ASTM Standards and passing those in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, which have the strictest standards in the United States. This alone is a key reason why we chose I2K, because while many companies boast large inflatables very few have the diligence to make them safe like I2K. With these standards, we are confident in the inflatables to keep your children safe while having plenty of fun.

 Customer Service:

However, none of these fantastic selling points at I2K would be possible without the diligent work of I2K’s customer service team. With no guarantees of sale, I2K worked relentlessly with me answering each of my numerous questions without hesitation. They gave plenty of information regarding everything from power consumption and anchoring to blowing up and cleanliness of each of their inflatables which allowed me to plan ahead of their delivery. I personally worked with Stacy Grey who I cannot thank enough for her help in the creation of our dream.

Looking towards the future:

Hoping to become the next big theme park near Denver, Bounce Empire will be opening its doors in March 2023. Featuring over 50 attractions, movie theaters, a unique bar, and delicious food. Will Bounce Empire become the new leader in the indoor amusement park industry, only time will tell, but our partnership with I2K has made that dream a possible reality.


Bounce Empire is an amusement park in Lafayette, Colorado.

Guest Post by Luke Hay-Arthur, Operations Manager at Bounce Empire


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